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Can Fluoride Treatment Be Used for Adults?

Can Fluoride Treatment Be Used for Adults?

Oct 05, 2022

Many of you are already aware of the dental benefits children enjoy once they start undergoing fluoride therapy. However, one of the most common questions regarding fluoride treatment remains whether it is just as beneficial as it is for children when used by adults.

Being an adult doesn’t mean you cannot develop tooth decay or other dental problems. So, unless you have been told otherwise by a dentist or doctor, there is no reason not to protect your teeth through fluoride treatment, even as an adult.

There are already several types of research undertaken by different organizations, including the American Dental Association, that found fluoride treatment safe and beneficial to the dental health of adults.

What Types of Fluoride Treatments Are There?

Fluoride treatment is available in various forms and can be administered in different ways. For example, you can get at-home fluoride therapy through fluoride mouthwash and over-the-counter fluoride gels. Alternatively, you can opt for in-office treatment, which is more effective.

Over-the-Counter Options

These products are not as concentrated as the ones used by dentists during in-office fluoride treatment. You’ll still get the benefits of fluoride therapy, but it won’t be as safe and effective as an in-office treatment. Furthermore, some people don’t read or follow the product packaging instructions, which puts them at risk of overdosing.

In Office Treatment

In-office treatment involves using a concentrated form of fluoride, mainly in the form of fluoride varnish. A skilled dentist applies the treatment equally spread on each tooth’s surface, thus guaranteeing the best cavity protection.

Benefits of Getting Fluoride Treatment?

Protects Your Teeth From Decay

Tooth decay is a major cause of tooth loss and dental pain. It mainly occurs among patients with bad dental hygiene due to bacteria and plaque accumulation. When you get fluoride treatment, your Aurora dentist will apply varnish on your teeth, providing a protective layer which shields the tooth from acid and bacteria accumulation reducing the chances of developing dental caries.

It’s worth noting that fluoride treatment will not treat dental carries. So once your tooth is infected, see an emergency dentist near you as soon as possible for treatment.

Its Cost Effective

People on a tight budget and those without dental insurance shy away from fluoride treatment, thinking it’s expensive. However, that is quite the contrary. Unlike other dental treatment options, fluoride treatment is affordable and available in different forms.

Treatment Is Painless

In-office and at-home fluoride treatments are non-invasive. It does not require any incisions to be made on the gums for treatment to occur; neither does it need to be conducted under anaesthesia. You, therefore, don’t need to worry about dental pain or discomfort as treatment has been proven fast and painless.

Is Fluoride Treatment Effective in Adults?

Yes, fluoride treatments are effective for adults’ teeth cavity protection. In addition, research also shows that older patients with xerostomia can benefit from fluoride treatment. Xerostomia is a disease related to dry mouth and often affects seniors, especially those under certain medication.

How to Know if You Need Fluoride Treatment

Although regular tap water may contain fluorine to combat cavities, certain factors may require a more concentrated form of fluoride to prevent oral health problems. Here is how to tell if you need fluoride treatment:

You Are Suffering From Dry Mouth

Some medications can have side effects which cause dry mouth. Examples of such medications include drugs used to treat high blood pressure, allergies, anxiety and antihistamines. In addition, high blood sugar levels and Sjogren’s syndrome can also cause dry mouth.

Lack of saliva can be problematic since it can allow bacteria to accumulate, resulting in tooth cavities. So if you have a dry mouth, ensure you use fluoride products such as mouth wash to moisturize your mouth. Additionally, you can chew on sugar-free gum to stimulate your mouth to produce more saliva.

Have a Receding Gum Line

The more we age, the more at risk of developing receding gums. Gum recession is a condition which causes your gums to pull back and expose more of your teeth. See an emergency dentist near you for treatment if your teeth look longer or more spaced out than they used to be. They may recommend fluoride treatment since it can get into your exposed tooth roots and provide cavity protection.

Wearing Dental Braces

Dental braces have tiny gaps on the metal frames, making it easier for bacteria and plaque to find a hiding place. While wearing braces, flossing and regular brushing may thus not be enough to remove all the food particles trapped in the small gaps. Fluoride gel or rinse may be the best way to ensure your teeth are well protected from dental carries.


Many people want to live a healthy life free of dental and health issues as they age. Unfortunately, as we age, the risks of developing dental problems increase. We, therefore, recommend good dental hygiene and routine dental visits that should include fluoride treatment to help safeguard your teeth from cavities. So, visit Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry for the best fluoride therapy in Aurora. Our dental clinic is equipped with modern dental equipment to help us provide the best family dentistry in 80015.

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