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Can You Get Dentures While Pregnant? Is It Better to Wait?

Can You Get Dentures While Pregnant? Is It Better to Wait?

May 01, 2022

What Are Dentures?

They are a set of artificial teeth that replace lost natural ones. Dentures feature a gum-like base that holds the artificial teeth, called pontics in place. Depending on the number of teeth you have lost, you can have partial or full dentures.

Partial dentures replace only what you have lost, allowing you to retain your remaining natural pearls if they are healthy. Complete dentures, on the other hand, require you to be toothless. It means that your dentist in family dentistry may have to extract your remaining dentate before placing the full denture.

Understanding the Process of Getting Dentures

Tooth loss is an urgent dental problem requiring treatment by an emergency dentist in Aurora, CO. After that, you should be ready for a treatment protocol to restore your smile. When getting dentures in Aurora, the dentist first examines your jawbone. The impact of tooth loss is noticeable on the gums and jawbone. Depending on when it happened, your mouth could still be healing. These factors will affect your dental care because of the underlying need to protect the health of your jawbone and gums.

When it comes to getting dentures, you can get two main types:

  • Immediate dentures – are pre-made dentures available for all patients. It means that soon after your tooth loss experience, you can receive an immediate denture, so you never have to spend a single day toothless. While immediate dentures get the job done, our dentists at Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry do not recommend them for long-term use. The reason is that they may be ill-fitting and eventually cause mouth sores on your gums. However, they are necessary to keep your jawbone active and mouth optimally functional after tooth loss. Further, immediate dentures can help your gums and jawbone heal quicker after tooth loss.
  • Custom-fitted dentures – are dentures that take time to prepare. The dentist will first take impressions of your mouth, using them as measurements to create a perfectly fitting denture. The downside will be that you may need to wait a while before they are ready. Thankfully, you can get immediate temporary dentures as you wait for your permanent ones to be ready. Custom-fitted dentures have a perfect fit, overcoming challenges regarding soreness in your gums and mouth sores.

Depending on the type of denture you choose, the process will look different. Aside from that, you can decide to get implant-support dentures. They provide a permanent solution to tooth loss. To get implant-supported, you need to undergo surgery for installing the dental implants in your jawbone. Afterward, you need about three months to heal properly before receiving dentures.

Dentures During Pregnancy

An important fact you should note is that pregnancy can result in tooth loss for some women. It is usually due to calcium insufficiencies in the body. However, even though pregnancy is not to blame for your missing white pearls, it can affect your dental care alternatives. Pregnant women are in a delicate time of their lives that require increased precaution, especially when seeking medical assistance. Therefore, even when getting dentures during pregnancy, you must inform your doctors about your decision.

First, the dentist has to examine and evaluate the state of your jawbone and gums. If you do not have any infections or risks thereof, you may be fit for dentures. Besides, given your increased appetite throughout your pregnancy, you will need the help of dentures to keep you fed. However, any woman with gum disease or an increased risk for the infection should discontinue using dentures. The reason is that gum disease is common among pregnant women. Therefore, if dentures aggravate the infection, it could progress into periodontitis, which has more severe consequences to your dental health.

Can You Keep Dentures During a C-Section?

Unfortunately, you cannot go into surgery with dentures in your mouth. Usually, right before you enter the operating room (OR), your doctor will ensure you have removed all accessories, hearing aids, and dentures. These are precautionary measures that ensure you are well prepared in case of any emergencies. For example, should your doctors need to intubate you, you will not have dentures stand in the way.

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