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Causes for Yellow Teeth and Solutions for Them

Causes for Yellow Teeth and Solutions for Them

Feb 15, 2023

Your teeth can change color subtly and gradually. Yellowing of your teeth is also inevitable. Your teeth can appear darker or yellow with aging when the enamel layer of your teeth wears off to make the yellow dentin visible. The dentin is the second layer underneath the enamel.

If you want to brighten yellow teeth, you can consider some alternatives to conventional techniques. However, you must remain cautious with at-home whitening because it can damage your teeth if the products are used incorrectly or excessively. In addition, the products can cause further enamel erosion putting you at risk of cavities and tooth sensitivity.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

The many reasons why your teeth might become yellow. Some of them are mentioned below for your reference.

Your teeth can appear yellowish from certain foods or beverages like blueberries, coffee, tea, or red wine and a diet high in sugar and simple carbohydrates. Smoking or chewing tobacco can also have a similar effect on your teeth.

Genetics and aging are other issues responsible for yellow teeth. In addition, mouth injuries, excessive fluoride consumption and poor dental hygiene result in yellow teeth from dental plaque and tartar accumulation.

If you are affected by a chronic dry mouth or xerostomia that causes a lack of saliva in the mouth, it can result in your teeth yellowing and appearing discolored to cause embarrassment.

Solutions to Brighten Yellow Teeth

You can try many at-home remedies to brighten your yellow teeth. However, you must remain careful not to damage your enamel or gums, which can result in sensitivity and cavities. The optimal way to brighten your teeth is to adopt preventive measures to avoid stains, practice excellent dental hygiene and visit the dental office nearby for regular oral prophylaxis.

If the above methods do not succeed, you can visit the Aurora dentist to determine whether alternative treatment options may be better for brightening your teeth.

Yellow Teeth Remedies

You might find it best to choose a couple of treatments and rotate them throughout the week. Some suggestions mentioned below do not have evidence to support them but are proven effective by anecdotal reports. You can try one of these solutions suggested to experiment with which option works best for you.

Brushing Teeth

You must brush your teeth more often and use the correct techniques. You must brush after consuming foods or beverages that can result in yellow teeth. However, you must remain careful brushing immediately after having acidic foods and drinks because the brushing can cause enamel erosion to make your teeth appear more yellow. You can also use whitening toothpaste and clean all the cracks and crevices in your teeth to eliminate bacteria that can create disease in your mouth. An electric toothbrush is also an effective solution to remove surface stains.

Having Fruits And Vegetables With High Water Content

Dentists recommend eating fruits and vegetables with high water content because it helps keep your teeth healthy. The water content cleanses your teeth and gums and helps eliminate dental plaque and bacteria that also discolor your teeth. In addition, chewing on crunchy fruits and vegetables after a meal can increase saliva production and has proven helpful in removing food particles between the teeth and washing away harmful acids.

As fruits and vegetables are excellent for dental and oral health, sufficient scientific evidence isn’t available to support these claims. However, having these healthy foods throughout the day will not cause any harm confirming that you can have these foods and vegetables to benefit your dental health and prevent the yellowing of your teeth.

What If Home Remedies Fail?

If you find it challenging to brighten your teeth with home remedies, you can visit the dental office nearby requesting a solution to brighten your teeth from the dentist. Although the treatment from the dentist will cost more than home remedies, you can expect instant results that are safe and effective and will not cause any harm to your teeth.

After getting your teeth brightened by the dentist, you must ensure you quit lifestyle habits like smoking or chewing tobacco and limit consumption of colored foods and beverages to ensure your teeth don’t start yellowing soon after spending a considerable sum on the brightening. Preventive methods are optimal for safeguarding the color of your teeth and require the constant following if you intend to have a brighter smile without discolored teeth showing off.

Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry receives many patients with discolored teeth and provides in-office brightening remedies. However, they also suggest preventive methods to keep your teeth looking brighter by practicing excellent dental hygiene and using natural techniques to prevent the yellowing of teeth. Therefore consult this practice to deal with your ability your yellow teeth and prevent them from discoloring.

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