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Dental 101: Must-Know Facts About Fluoride

Dental 101: Must-Know Facts About Fluoride

Apr 20, 2020

The spread of misinformation is faster than ever before due to the age of the internet. This statement is true in a lot of ways, including dentistry. One particular treatment that has attracted a lot of false claims is fluoride applications. Instead of getting the attention of many due to its potential in protecting the teeth against complications, many are thinking twice in giving the said treatment a go due to the misconceptions floating around. So, to clear things out for our patients at Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry, here are some facts that they should know about fluoride.

Fact #1: Fluoride does strengthen the teeth – even experts agree

Most health authorities agree that the application of fluoride helps protect the teeth against cavities. The World Health Organization (WHO), the Institute of Medicine (IOM), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Dental Association (ADA), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and more actually recommends water fluoridation due to the benefits it offers.

Fact #2: Getting enough fluoride during childhood is equal to stronger teeth for a lifetime

The reason why children are highly advised to take advantage of fluoride during their childhood years is to build stronger teeth. Believe it or not, fluoride offers protection against cavities that can last for several decades.

Fact #3: It is natural

While most people recognize fluoride as an ingredient added in toothpaste, this mineral can actually be found in a lot of food and water. And just like other minerals, fluoride dissolves and enters the groundwater. If the supply of fluoride is low, dental protection authorities take the said mineral from natural calcium deposits in phosphate rocks.

Fact #4: Municipal drinking water contains fluoride

Majority of towns and cities in the United States add fluoride to their drinking water supply. This measure aims to help people prevent the development of tooth decay. The said approach has improved the dental health of most cities while also assisting its people in spending less on treatment costs.

How about the children who are in a community that does not have fluoride in their water supplies? The answer is by taking advantage of fluoride applications we at Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry offer under Pediatric Dentistry in Aurora, CO! Contact us for appointments! Our office is located at 21699 E. Quincy Ave., Unit-H, Aurora, CO 80015.

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