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Did You Know These Facts About Dental Fillings?

Did You Know These Facts About Dental Fillings?

Apr 04, 2022

Many people are not practicing good oral hygiene, thus the increase in the number of people contracting tooth cavities. Not only does tooth cavity cause pain and discomfort while chewing, but it can also result in infection if left untreated. Therefore, you should visit an emergency dentist in aura if you experience pain in your teeth. This article will address the types of dental filling treatments available and the facts and benefits of the procedure.

What Are Dental Fillings

Dental fillings, also referred to as dental restorations, are treatments used to repair missing tooth structures that may have been caused by trauma or tooth cavity. Our dentist in Aurora, CO will look at your tooth and recommend a dental procedure that will suit your dental needs.

Types of Dental Fillings

Direct Dental Fillings

Direct dental fillings are placed on a tooth damaged because of trauma or tooth cavity. Before the filling process can commence, the tooth has to be cleaned of any cavity or debris. This process is necessary as it eliminates any bacteria that could lead to infection while making room for dental fillings. Common filling materials used for this dental procedure are composite, glass ionomer, and silver amalgam.

Indirect Dental Fillings

These are dental fillings that involve the use of custom-made filling material. In addition, your dentist will have to make dental impressions that they would send to the lab for fabrication.

Preparations for Dental Fillings

Before dental restorations can be carried out, the damaged tooth needs to be prepared for the filling material. First, your dentist will split the tooth using dental tools such as a dental handpiece and dental burrs. Breaking the tooth is necessary to remove tooth decay and create room for dental restoration materials. This procedure’s common restoration materials include amalgam, gold, porcelain, and dental composites. The level of preparation will depend on the level of decay in the tooth.

Facts About Dental Fillings

Tooth fillings tend to wear out after some time. That is because of the pressure they have to withstand during chewing. The more you use your dental fillers to chew on hard food, the faster they wear out. Even though dental fillings wear out with frequent use, it usually takes many years to replace them.

Dental fillings can be made from materials such as gold, silver, and composite resin. Depending on your preference, you could opt for metal fillings for additional strength or composite resin for a natural look.

You’ll likely experience pain, discomfort, and increased tooth sensitivity soon after your dental surgery. However, that should not be a cause of concern since the symptoms will go away with time.

If your tooth fillings are not properly installed, you may get infected. To prevent the likely hood of this situation, you should visit Spruce Canyon Dentistry for the best Aurora dentist.

Drinking Wine Can Damage Dental Fillings

Recent research done by the University of Pittsburgh found that people who drank alcohol and were active smokers were in more danger of their dental fillings falling off within a shorter period than those who did not engage in the activity.

Advantages of Getting Dental Fillings

Protects Your Tooth From Infection

Tooth decay leaves your teeth vulnerable to infection. That is because the gaps that result from tooth cavities provide a breeding ground for bacteria that causes disease. When you get dental fillings, the hole in the tooth is filled and protects the tooth from infection.

Makes Eating Easier

Trauma and tooth decay destroys the tooth’s enamel, exposing nerve endings. When the smallest food particle comes to contact with these nerve endings, it results in much pain and discomfort. You can protect the nerves from contact with food particles by using dental fillings.

Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Dental fillings can be made from composite resin. This material can be painted to resemble your adjacent teeth and give out a natural look. The natural look provided by composite resin enables you to have a natural-looking set of teeth as they blend in.


Dental fillings work by protecting your teeth from infection while relieving you from the pain caused by tooth decay. Furthermore, you have a wide variety of options for choosing a dental filling material. Visit a dentist near you to fill cavities and protect yourself from infection.

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