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Everything You Should Know About Invisalign®

Everything You Should Know About Invisalign®

Sep 01, 2020

Did you know that there are a ton of ways you can go through orthodontic treatment? One person’s experience cannot be the same as another’s. Often, different alternatives exist to provide options for patients. For a while now, Invisalign® teeth aligners seem to be winning over the crowds. People are quickly learning that their treatment can be anonymous and comfortable.

Have your tried Invisalign? Are you planning to? There are several things you must master, including the following:

What Is Invisalign from Anthem? 

​It is a set of clear teeth aligners that are used to reposition teeth and realign Jaws. Usually, Invisalign stands as an alternate e to tradition metal brackets and wires. The invisible aligners get their name from the type of material used, which is usually transparent and plastic-like. This offers great comfort to patients, compared to the experience of traditional braces.

Invisalign from Anthem is for those patients that are seeking financial cover for the treatment.

What to Expect While Wearing Invisalign

During your treatment, many things will be different from your usual life. Some of the things to expect are:

  1. Long wear time – even while these aligners are removable, it is only temporary. The treatment is only effective is you wear the aligners for between 20-22 hours every day. On the flip side, this gives you the freedom to eat whatever you want. Since the aligners are removable, you can always eat what you want without damaging them.
  2. Frequent dental visits – although the visits will be short, you will have frequent of them when you wear the aligners. Every couple of weeks, you need a new set of clear aligners. This is how they are adjusted since there aren’t any metal wires to tighten.
  3. Oral hygiene is paramount – if you slack on your oral hygiene, your invisible aligners will tell the story to the world. The clear aligners stain easily. Therefore, without proper maintenance, the clear teeth aligners will no longer be as transparent as they were.
  4. Soreness in the gums – on the initial days of getting a new set of aligners, expect your gums to feel a little sore. This is because the aligners are tight, which can cause some soreness. This should only last a day or two.

How Does The Treatment Affect Your Life?

Some of the ways that this treatment affects your life include the following:

  1. Boosting your confidence levels – realizing a perfect smile is the dream of many patients. Having a beautiful smile will automatically boost your self-confidence.
  2. Improving aesthetic appearances – by realigning your jawbone and straightening your teeth, the appearance of your smile is enhanced. Not only that, but a properly aligned jawbone also boosts even the appearance of your faces, due to proper framing of the facial muscles. Besides, the invisible teeth aligners allow you to flaunt your smile event while you undergo treatment.
  3. Improved oral hygiene – you clean your mouth better when your teeth are properly aligned. It allows for effecting teeth brushing and even flossing, without hurting your gum tissue.

Invisalign Alternatives:

​Different dental braces exist in dentistry. The alternatives are there so that every patient has something that works for their needs. Some of the alternatives are:

  1. Ceramic braces – they are a lot similar to traditional braces the only difference is that they feature ceramic, which is also invisible and cosmetically appealing. However, they are not completely invisible, thanks to the wires that hold the ceramics in place.
  2. Lingual braces – they are featured as the crème de la crème of invisible aligners. They are placed in the inside back of teeth, making them totally invisible when you smile. This means that you can continue to wear your natural smile even while you undergo treatment.

What If You Get Different Braces or Other Type of Dental Work?

There is nothing wrong with opting for something other than Invisalign. At the end of the day, it is always a matter of preference. An Aurora dentist will even tell you that Invisalign treatment is not for everyone. If you have different preferences, then feel free to share your thoughts during your consult. The bottom line is that you achieve the desired results and feel comfortable about your outcome as much as your treatment.

However, note that the financial covers for different teeth aligners differ. While it depends on the complexity of your orthodontic problem, the costs are often comparable.

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