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How Frequently Should You Whiten Your Teeth? Suggestions to Keep Your Smile Bright

How Frequently Should You Whiten Your Teeth? Suggestions to Keep Your Smile Bright

Dec 01, 2022

Do you desire to have a celebrity smile to become the envy of your friends? You can have picture-perfect pearly whites if you prepare yourself for some effort and investment in it to keep the smile sparkling.

Are you aware of how to keep your teeth appearing bright and beautiful? How frequently can you visit the dentist near me to whiten your teeth? How to maintain your smile between whitening therapies from dentists?

If you want answers to the above questions to help you achieve your goal of having brighter and whiter teeth, the information in this article should set you on the path of achieving your objective and helping you smile your way to glory, showing off your beautiful teeth.

How Frequently Can You Whiten Your Teeth?

When matters related to teeth whitening are concerned, the frequency of the treatments differs for every patient. If the world was perfect, dentists could provide teeth whitening treatments once and be out of business for the rest of their lives because they delivered excellent results. Unfortunately, the situation is entirely different because your teeth demand constant upkeep, like other body parts. Therefore can you Whiten your teeth every month?

The prices of teeth whitening treatments from dentists will likely deter you from seeking the therapy every month. On the other hand, dentists don’t recommend whitening your teeth professionally with alarming frequency because dentists use bleaching ingredients on your teeth and not whitening toothpaste. The bleaching ingredients make your tooth enamel porous to eliminate extrinsic and intrinsic stains. Unfortunately, the element also leaves your teeth vulnerable to cavities or tooth damage by causing enamel erosion. Therefore the Aurora dentist suggests that teeth whitening treatments are better performed every quarterly, even if you don’t notice any dulling of your teeth to impact your smile.

The dentist suggests quarterly treatments to ensure they monitor your teeth to identify problems that whitening treatments can conceal. For example, it can be challenging to identify tooth decay or cavities when your teeth are whitened. In addition, the dentist can also touch up the whitening treatment to give you a brighter smile. If you want to ensure you have a beautiful smile and a healthy one, the suggestion by the dentist is the optimal way to achieve your goal.

How to Make Your Teeth Whitening Last between Treatments?

Quarterly visits to the dentist might seem incredibly short. However, you might be surprised at what happens to your teeth during this time. If you want to protect your teeth between treatments, you must follow some best practices to ensure you don’t develop tooth staining faster and maintain the results of the whitening treatment you received at the dentist’s office until you can return to the office for another treatment.

Best Practices to Avoid Tooth Stains

  • Quit Smoking: If you smoke, you will know that the habit is awful for your dental and overall health. In addition, smoking frequently causes the yellowing of teeth to entirely undo the whitening treatment results. Therefore it helps if you quit smoking to protect your pearly whites.
  • Avoid Staining Foods and Beverages: Your teeth don’t develop stains merely by smoking. Your foods and beverages can also discolor your teeth even if you think they are healthy for you. You don’t need to avoid having them but must limit them or use methods to prevent contact with your teeth besides drinking plenty of water when eating and after drinking the beverages. Some of the foods and drinks include coffee, tea, red wine, berries, marinara sauce, et cetera. The food and beverages mentioned are better limited as best as possible without consuming them excessively. Alternatively, consider using a straw for drinking liquids and keep a toothbrush handy for cleaning your teeth after eating.

If you want to maintain the teeth whitening results better, you can request at-home whitening trays from the dentist, which they provide by taking impressions of your mouth and creating customized trays explicitly for you. They also offer whitening gel with instructions on when and how to use them to maintain your teeth whitening results.

How Frequently Would You Want Teeth Whitening?

After receiving the treatment from the Aurora dentist, if you follow the best practices suggested, you might not need teeth whitening treatments every quarterly but might feel you can delay the treatments longer because your teeth continue appearing brighter and whiter because of the care you provide and the home whitening kits that you purchase from the dentist. It might result in financial savings besides preventing enamel erosion to keep your teeth looking healthy and white longer than expected.

Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry provides teeth whitening treatments for many patients suggesting they follow appropriate best practices to maintain the results of the treatments. If you think you need to get your teeth whitened, visiting this practice helps you achieve your goal and maintain these results longer than expected.

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