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Importance of Regular Dental Check-up

Importance of Regular Dental Check-up

Feb 07, 2022

A dental check-up is a very good thing, and one should get one at least twice a year. People who regularly visit their dentist are less likely to experience a severe dental problem needing invasive treatment. However, this is just a benefit of dental check-ups. There are many more.

Dental Check-up Procedure

A typical dental visit is comprised of the following activities:

  • Meet the Professionals

There are two professionals at Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry who do the dental check-up, your dentist or dental hygienist. The dental hygienist will conduct an oral exam. They will also document any changes in the health of your teeth, clean and polish them, and answer any questions that you have. On the other hand, your dentist will also evaluate the health of teeth and gums, review the cleaning done by your hygienist, look for any signs of oral cancer, diagnose any oral health problems, and make treatment options.

  • Cleaning

Even though you may be cleaning your teeth at home, it may not be thorough enough. A professional cleaning provided by your dental hygienist or dentist can thoroughly clean your teeth and remove hardened plaque or tartar, which builds up on your teeth.

  • Polishing

After your teeth are cleaned, they are polished to remove stains and plagues on the tooth surface. This polish contains fluoride and an abrasive substance. It is applied using a brush attached to a dental handpiece.

  • X-rays

X-rays may be taken or not during your dental check-up. Your dentist will have to consider your exam, dental history, and the risks of getting cavities to determine how often you may need X-rays.

  • Treatment and Recommendations

If the dentist diagnoses the presence of any dental problem during the examinations, they will make recommendations on the steps to be taken next. This may include referral to a specialist or advice to return to restoration work, for instance, dental crowns or fillings.
They may also refer you to an emergency dentist near you if you have tooth decay, causing pain, or a lot of bleeding.

Benefits of Dental Visits

A dental appointment at our family dentistry at 80015 should be made when you have an urgent problem that needs to be addressed. There are various reasons why it is important to maintain regular dental visits to your Aurora dentist. These reasons may include:

Check for mouth cancer

Checking for mouth cancer is among the things that your dentist has to do at every dental visit. First, your dentist has to examine your oral cavity for any presence of mouth cancer. This is by checking for any white or red patches in your mouth. Next, the dentist has to also check for any signs of head or neck cancer. Your dentist will do this by checking for any lumps in your neck or head.

  • Dentists can detect dental problems early or prevent them from happening

With the use of a mirror, you can see how your teeth are looking, but beneath the gums, a lot can be happening without you noticing it. Besides solving dental problems, dentists can prevent them.
Your dentist can spot potential dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay. Therefore, you need to be more proactive about your oral health and see your dentist at least twice a year. This is to help catch dental issues as easily as possible before they can cause complicated problems.

  • Consultations on tooth whitening

Tooth whitening has become popular over the years, but there are plenty of myths about whether it is safe or legal that can confuse many people. Therefore, your dentist is the best option to advise you on the best options when it comes to professional tooth whitening.
The dentist is the best option because, besides them knowing a lot about teeth whitening, their dental offices are the only place to have your teeth whitened professionally.

  • Your dentist can provide help and advice you on your dental needs

A lot of people often turn to the internet when they have a problem, which has a lot of great information and sometimes misinformation. On the other hand, your dentist has been trained for years to qualify in this profession. They will, therefore, provide help and guidance which you can trust. By seeing your dentist regularly, you can build a good relationship that will support and advise you on the needs you may want.

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