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Invisalign Making Waves Because of One Song

Invisalign Making Waves Because of One Song

Apr 20, 2020

Most people would rather keep the fact that they are wearing an orthodontic device to enhance their smiles, especially if they are wearing a mouthful of metal. Imagine being a celebrity who most people think already have a perfect looking smile, AKA the Hollywood smile. Believe it or not, some stars are proud to show off their brace faces! These include Gwen Stefani, Tom Cruise, and Nicholas Cage, to name a few.

But nowadays, a breakout artist named Billie Eilish included Invisalign to the official music video of “Bad Guy.” The song starts where Billie and her brother were laughing when the singer removed the Invisalign aligners from her mouth with audio. The singer then said, “I have taken out my Invisalign, and this is the album,” followed by laughing. But it does not stop there; the video itself shows the singer taking out the aligner trays before starting the song.

In one interview Finneas O’Connell, Eilish’s brother, says that Billie is already accustomed to wearing the Invisalign aligner for a year now that she tends to forget about it. The good thing about the said orthodontic approach is, patients can simply take off the aligners when necessary. Thanks to this feature, Billie Eilish and its other wearers are free to enjoy the things they love like eating and singing without something that can get in the way.

What is Invisalign?

Due to the inclusion of the orthodontic appliance to the music video, searches are asking about “invisiline” (Invisalign). To those unfamiliar with the said orthodontic approach, it straightens the teeth using clear aligner trays molded based on the impressions taken from the patient. Instead of bonding brackets and wires on the enamel, the trays are worn over the top and bottom dental arches.

Although patients have the freedom to remove the orthodontic appliance whenever they want, know that for the treatment to work, it should be worn for at least 20 to 22 hours every day. It explains the reason why Billie Eilish got so used to the appliance that she tends to forget that the Invisalign is still in her mouth before singing.

With the help of Invisalign, it is now possible for people to get straighter teeth in a discreet approach. With the clear aligner treatment offered at Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry, teeth straightening no longer has to be unsightly and uncomfortable!

Feel free to smile without other people noticing that clear orthodontic appliance with the help of Invisalign in Aurora, CO! Call or visit us at Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry to get started with your treatment.

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