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Teeth Whitening: Does it Work and What Are the Options?

Teeth Whitening: Does it Work and What Are the Options?

Apr 01, 2021

It is said that the smile is the best accessory to have. Not only does it complete your look, but it is the first thing that people notice about you. Most people today are looking for ways of whitening their teeth to keep them bright. That’s probably the reason why teeth whitening has become a sought-after procedure.

But, does teeth whitening work, and is it effective in improving your smile? Visit our family dentistry in 80015 for more information about teeth whitening.

What Causes Teeth to Discolor?

Our teeth can develop stains due to the food and drinks we consume daily. Poor dental hygiene can also contribute to your teeth’ darkening. These factors affect the external part of the teeth (enamel). Other factors can cause internal teeth discoloration. Age is one common cause because as we age, the enamel begins to wear out, exposing the dentin (it is yellow or brown). Medications and certain diseases can also cause your teeth to discolor.

While you may not do anything about age, there are ways you can brighten your teeth and smile.

Will Teeth Whitening Work for Me?

Although everyone experiences teeth discoloration at some point, not all are candidates for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening will work for you if you have healthy teeth and gums and do not suffer from tooth sensitivity.

People who are not eligible for teeth whitening procedure include:

  • People with dental restorations like fillings, veneers, crowns, and bridges. The shade of these teeth fixtures cannot be changed once they are made.
  • Pregnant and lactating women.
  • People with periodontal disease, cavities, tooth decay, and exposed roots.
  • Children under age 16.
  • Those who are allergic to teeth bleaching or have sensitive teeth.

Our Aurora dentist will advise on the steps to take to have your teeth whitened if you fall in any of these categories.

What Are the Teeth Whitening Options?

There are no short of options when it comes to bleaching your teeth. However, all these products are grouped into two: cosmetic/ at-home whitening kits and professional teeth whitening.

  • Cosmetic whitening kits

These are readily available and you can access them from your local drug store. Although they are cheap, they are not the best option. There is a common misconception that at-home whitening kits are risk-free.

But, with these products, you run the risk of using an inferior whitening product, applying it incorrectly, or overusing the product with the hope of getting better results faster. However, overusing a whitening product or using one that has low pH will lead to enamel damage and cause tooth sensitivity. Not only that, but you are also at risk of developing gum bruising because the whitening agent can affect the gums too.

It is crucial to talk to a dentist near you before using any cosmetic whitening products.

  • Professional teeth whitening

This is done at the dental office and usually lasts for about an hour. The dentist will first apply a protective layer on the gums. Next, he will apply the whitening agent to the enamel and leave it for 15 minutes. This allows the bleaching substance to penetrate the teeth and make its way to the dentin. The substance is rinsed off and the process is repeated two to three times depending on the level of discoloration.

If you want the take-home whitening kits, talk to the dentist. We offer customized whitening kits that you can use at home to maintain a bright smile.

Does Teeth Whitening Damage the Teeth?

No. Professional teeth whitening is safe because the dentist will take the necessary steps to make sure the treatment is safe.

You may experience tooth sensitivity after the procedure is done, but you can ease the discomfort with a tooth-sensitive toothpaste.

How to Prevent Discoloration?

The whitening results are not permanent, but you can keep your teeth white for longer with these tips:

  • Avoid the overconsumption of staining foods and beverages like soy sauce, coffee, wine, and tea. If you take them, ensure your rinse your teeth afterward.
  • Maintain proper dental hygiene.

Finally, visit Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry for regular dental assessment and cleaning.

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