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The Evolution of Dentures: Then and Now – Aurora, CO

The Evolution of Dentures: Then and Now – Aurora, CO

Apr 20, 2020

Tooth loss was also a problem experienced by people from the past. Since there is no technology available during the old times, modern people can only imagine how hard it was. Amazingly, even without the right tools and knowledge, this did not stop ancient people from inventing means to replace lost teeth.

Learn more about the history of dentistry by knowing how it all started with dentures!


The ancient Egyptians who believed that beauty is a mark of wealth and power tried to restore lost teeth by threading other people’s teeth using gold wires for the attachment in 1500 B.C.

Animal Teeth

The ancient Italians from the 700 B.C. also used gold wires, but instead of human teeth, they also fashioned animal teeth as dentures. Mexican tribes from the past used the teeth of wolves to fill in the spaces on their jaws.


The Mayan civilization from around the 600 A.D. used materials such as carved rocks, bones, and seashells for teeth replacement. They inserted these items on the jawbone like the idea used nowadays for dental implants. What’s amazing was, bone actually grew around the materials!

Most Famous Dentures

The first U.S President, George Washington owned the most famous oral appliance in history. There are even myths surrounding the device since people thought that they were made in wood. The truth is, a combination of different materials were used such as ivory as well as human and animal teeth.

The birth of porcelain

Alexis Duchâteau was the first person to craft dentures made of porcelain in 1774. However, the material used was easy to chip, and it looked too unnatural due to its whiteness.

Waterloo Teeth

People from the past found natural teeth to be the most appealing material for dentures since it looks very “natural.” The primary sources for these teeth were the peasants willing to exchange theirs for money and from corpses. In 1815, during the Battle of Waterloo, 50,000 fallen soldiers served as teeth donors.

Thankfully, in the year 1820, Claudius Ash created dentures that welcomed the dawn of the modern appliance. And over the years, better materials were used to create dentures that are more natural-looking, comfortable, and convenient.

At Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry, we offer both traditional and fixed dentures. For patients who prefer to wear a removable appliance, the conventional type would be ideal, but for those who want to opt for a more permanent choice, denture stabilization using dental implants is best.

Restore your teeth as natural as possible with our Dentures in Aurora, CO. Call us at Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry to book your appointment! We are located at 21699 E. Quincy Ave., Unit-H, Aurora, CO 80015.

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