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What Are the Possible Complications After Teeth Extractions? – Aurora, CO

What Are the Possible Complications After Teeth Extractions? – Aurora, CO

Apr 20, 2020

Simple teeth extractions are not much of a problem; but the other type of the procedure, the surgical one, can be a concern. Although both options are painless, they have risks that patients should consider. Any dental procedures have possible complications and note that teeth extractions are not exempted. But whatever it is, we at Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry is here to help. We want our patients to become aware of the things that they should expect before teeth extractions and follow after the procedure. So to those who are planning to set an appointment in our clinic and receive the said dental service, read at these pieces of information below.

Complications After Teeth Extractions


The most common complication that patients should watch out for after having their tooth extracted is an infection. This risk aggravates when the person who underwent extractions has a weak immune system. Usually, children or even adults who are sick during the time that the procedure is laid out have 25 percent of experiencing an infection while those who are healthier enough have a 10 percent risks.

Dry Socket

Pain may arise after teeth extractions, and patients should know that the root behind this discomfort is a dry socket. Other than this, they may also encounter swelling and bleeding in the treated area.

Preventive Approach to Avoid Complications

Our dentist usually instructs patients regarding the necessary things that they need to observe prior to their treatment and after it is completed. Some of the points that they need to keep in mind include:

  • Not chewing on the portion of the mouth where the extraction took place
  • Being extra careful when brushing or rinsing to promote blood clot formation
  • Using a saline solution to irrigate the socket
  • Sticking to a softer diet rather than eating hard, solid foods which can dislodge the blood clot.
  • Keeping the extracted site clean so reinfection will not occur

How to Counter Complications

The best thing to do when infection or dry socket is present is to let the dental professional know. The dentist will discuss and prescribed the appropriate medications that can counter any complications after teeth extractions. For a dry socket, for instance, a dressing with medicated substance can help. The right antibiotic can help an infection subside, on the other hand.

Typical complications like bleeding or swelling are easily countered at home. Sometimes, the use of a cold compress would suffice.

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