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What is Preventive Dentistry & Why is it Important?

What is Preventive Dentistry & Why is it Important?

Aug 26, 2020

They say, “prevention is better than cure.” This is apt with your teeth. With the heavy workload that your teeth undergo every day, it is evident that unless you take good care of your teeth, its longevity would be reduced considerably.

Apart from aiding in chewing your food, the teeth ensure that your speech is distinct. With clean and healthy teeth, your self-esteem takes a new high with a shining smile. With regular usage, your teeth’s state can be deteriorated, and you need proper care to maintain its vitality and quality. In other words, you need to maintain sound oral health. The dentist can guide you with the treatment once you suffer from any dental ailment. Tooth decay is a common issue, and the unhygienic oral cavity is the primary factor contributing to tooth decay.

What is Preventive Dentistry?

Maintaining clean mouth and the habit of caring for your teeth to keep them healthy is known as preventive dentistry. Although dental science has taken a giant leap in the last decade or two, it is better to adopt preventive measures. In this way, you can avoid wearing your enamel, diseases related to the gums, and prevent cavities.

Preventive dentistry comes in varied forms, brushing, and dental cleaning is the primary among them. It is recommended to pay a visit to your dentist at least twice a year. Even if you are not suffering from any dental issue, visiting the dentist can help you keep your teeth clean, healthy, and white. The children can be taught to maintain good oral hygiene at a tender age.

The optimum result of preventive dentistry is obtained only when the dentist and the patient work in unison. The dental team might recommend you with ways of maintaining oral hygiene, but you need to follow it to get the desired result.

The Procedure

Everyone can be benefitted from preventive dentistry, and the processes are not complicated. The dentist would start with a thorough check of your mouth, teeth, tongue, and might look for a cavity, or any prevalent gum disease. The primary aim of preventive dentistry is to get you a healthy mouth.

The next step involves the removal of plaque and tartar from your teeth. With improper brushing and cleaning, the layer gets deposited on your teeth known as plaque. If the plaque is not removed, it forms a tougher layer called tartar. This process is also known as scaling.

Preventive dentistry also involves teaching you brushing techniques and flossing. The dentist might also guide you with the types of food that can boost your oral health. The dental gaps can be filled, and the cavities can be cleaned by the dentist to reduce the chances of further infection.

Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

A lifetime’s care can help you to achieve healthy teeth. Few practices can be incorporated into your routine for maintaining a clean mouth.

#1: Regular Brushing

It is a general recommendation to brush your teeth twice a day. It is a good practice to brush at night after meals. Brushing the teeth before going to bed, gets rid of the germs, and prevents the accumulation of plaque.

Brushing with the proper technique is equally essential. Poor job during brushing is equal to not brushing your teeth. It is recommended to brush with a toothbrush that has soft bristles in gentle, circular motions.

#2: Cleaning the Whole Mouth

It is important to pay equal attention to all parts of your mouth while cleaning. Even an unclean tongue can give you foul breath. You can scrub your tongue every time you brush. Special cleaning can be done in between the teeth. You can floss your teeth along with cleaning to remove the food residue stuck between the teeth.

#3: The Toothpaste

While choosing a toothpaste, special care should be taken to select the one hat that can help with teeth whitening and ret rid of the germs at the same time. Choosing a fluoride toothpaste can replenish the lost nutrients. A mouthwash can also boost your oral health considerably and help in preventive dental care.

The Clinic

Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry can guide you with preventive dental care. With a pool of experienced dentists, you can get the best available treatment. Contact us today for a consultation.

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