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What Type of Mouthguard Do I Need?

What Type of Mouthguard Do I Need?

Mar 01, 2022

Mouthguards are devices made of hard acrylic worn over teeth to prevent soft and hard oral tissues injuries. They are also called mouth protectors and can be worn over braces or fixed bridgework. The dentist in Aurora, CO, uses them to treat bruxism and obstructive sleep apnea issues. Learn more on mouthguards to know which type you need.

Who Needs Mouthguards?

Mouthguards are worn by individuals playing sports that involve rigorous physical activities. They help prevent teeth, mouth, and jaw injuries. The dentist in Aurora, CO, customizes mouthguards based on the contact sports you play.

They are also worn by patients receiving treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. The dentist provides special mouthguards that pull the lower jaw forward to open the airways. If they remain open as you sleep, you will not snore or have trouble breathing.

Some people grind their teeth and clench jaws when sleeping. It may occur due to stress or lifestyle habits. This action wears away the tooth enamel and causes severe pain that radiates from the TMJ to the jaw, face, and neck. A mouthguard is used as part of teeth grinding and jaw clenching treatment. It separates teeth on the upper jaw from those on the lower jaw.

Types of Mouthguards

  1. Custom-made

These mouth protectors are custom-made by a dentist based on individual needs. A Family dentist near you can create customized mouthguards for people of all ages. For example, those involved in sports can have athletic mouthguards to protect their mouths. Those with bruxism or obstructive sleep apnea can have guards to aid in treatment.

  1. Boil and bite

Boil and bite guards are less costly than customized ones. They are pre-made and available at sporting goods stores and pharmacies. These devices are immersed in hot water then inserted into the mouth. Once you bite on them, they adapt to your mouth’s shape and fit well over the teeth.

  1. Stock

Stock mouth protectors are ready to wear. They are pre-formed by respective manufacturers and can be worn immediately. However, these guards are bulky and uncomfortable.

Why Should You Wear a Mouthguard?

Some people neglect to wear their mouthguards as they are unaware of their benefits. For example, teenagers and young adults may not wear them while engaged in sporting activities due to peer pressure. If the friends are not wearing them, neither will them as they do not want to look odd. Other individuals may have tried wearing mouthguards but found them uncomfortable.

Here are some reasons you should wear a mouthguard:

  1. These devices protect you against tooth and jaw fractures

When engaged in sports, you may fall or get hit on the jaw and break or fracture a tooth. In addition, grinding your teeth or jaw clenching may fracture teeth due to the pressure placed on them. Mouthguards protect teeth and jaws from fracturing by distributing the force placed on a specific part of the jaw to all your teeth.

  1. They help in the treatment of sleep apnea

Individuals with obstructive sleep apnea can wear mouthguards for a more restful and healthy sleep. These guards are customized depending on an individual’s airway obstruction.

  1. They protect your tooth from being displaced or knocked out

When a ball or sports gear hits you directly on the mouth, your tooth may be displaced or knocked out. A guard cushions your teeth in case of trauma to the mouth. Restoring knocked out or displaced teeth are expensive and time-consuming. You may even end up missing the rest of the season.

  1. Mouthguards prevent soft tissue injuries

These devices are designed to fit over your teeth, therefore, covering the sharp edges. As a result, they prevent you from accidentally biting your tongue, lips, or the inside of your cheeks.

  1. Relieve jaw pain

Patients with bruxism experience severe jaw pain. This is due to clenching of the temporomandibular joint muscles. The family dentist uses mouth protectors near you to help relieve jaw pain.

Consult Your Family Dentist

Schedule a consultation appointment at Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry today. The dental team will assess you to determine if you need a mouthguard. We customize them for individuals based on their needs.

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