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Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding in Aurora, CO

You may cringe at the thought of repairing a chip in your tooth or improving the appearance of your teeth because of the expense. Fortunately, people who are on strict budgets can restore the appearance of their teeth with dental bonding.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental, or tooth, bonding involves using composite resin to make repairs to your teeth or restore their appearance. Your talented dentist at Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry can mold or shape the material to your teeth to hide their flaws.

Some of the imperfections your dentist in Aurora, CO can repair include:

  • Breaks
  • Chips
  • Surface cracks
  • Gaps between teeth,
  • Discolored teeth
  • Make teeth appear larger

Dental bonding is a less expensive and less invasive way to give you teeth that you can love instead of trying to hide them by not smiling.

Dental Bonding Process

The process for bonding is quick because it only takes about 30 to 60 minutes to change the look of your teeth. With other procedures, it can take weeks because a dental laboratory needs to manufacture pieces like crowns and veneers.

After picking the shade of composite for your teeth, your dentist at Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry will mix the composite resin in his or her exam room. Then, he or she will use a mildly acidic solution to make the surface of the teeth rough. Following that, another liquid goes on the surfaces to help the composite stick to their surfaces.

Then, your dentist near you in Aurora, CO will mold or shape the composite on the teeth, and then harden it using an ultraviolet light. They may do some touch-up work after the composite resin is dry to improve how the material looks on your teeth.

Caring for Bonded Teeth

Composite resin is durable, but it can stain or chip if you eat hard foods or chew on things you shouldn’t, such as your fingernails, pens, or ice. While you can brush your teeth, you shouldn’t whiten them because the process is too harsh on composite materials.

Instead, avoid eating foods that are acidic or have tomato-based sauces. Also, avoid drinking dark colas, dark teas, coffee, and red wine. Also, make sure to maintain a schedule of examinations and cleanings with your dentist at Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry in Aurora, CO.

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