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Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment in Aurora, CO

The two most popular and important minerals in our world of dentistry are calcium and fluoride. At Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry in Aurora, CO, we’ve explained to patients that calcium takes part in teeth formation. Fluoride is another beneficial manner for our dental health. It’s not a surprise that the most available toothpaste is supplemented with it.

There’s a big difference between fluoride treatments and fluoride in toothpaste. The amount of fluoride in toothpaste is minimal. In treatments, however, we expose teeth to high concentrations of fluoride. At Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry, this helps patients get the maximum benefit in a short period.

Who Needs Fluoride Treatment?

Anyone can get fluoride treatments regardless of age. It’s a procedure that’s beneficial for the young and the old. Fluoride treatments are more important for children, though. Their teeth are at an increased risk of decay and infections. This is because of the type of food they prefer. Children aren’t always interested in maintaining their dental hygiene either. Sometimes, they just don’t understand its importance.

People looking to protect their children with fluoride treatments in Aurora, CO can find what they’re looking for here. We perform these treatments regularly. Sometimes they need to be repeated.

How Treatments Are Done

The goal of fluoride treatment is to expose teeth to a lot of fluorides at once. High concentrations of fluoride can strengthen teeth and stop decay if it’s present. We apply fluoride using a brush or small appliances worn over teeth.

Patients don’t have to do anything in preparation for a fluoride treatment. You will also be able to eat and drink after the procedure. It would be best to wait 30 minutes after the procedure to give your teeth a chance to fully absorb the fluoride. Apart from that, there are no restrictions.
Fluoride treatments aren’t expensive. In most cases, they’re covered by insurance for children. Not all insurance policies include them for adults, though. As we mentioned, they’re of more value to kids. Give us a call if you want to know whether or not your insurance policy covers fluoride treatments.

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