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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening in Aurora, CO

At Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry, we are happy to provide a range of dental treatments and procedures to address any of your oral health concerns. One service that all patients need to enjoy healthy teeth and gums is a routine exam and cleaning. As part of that appointment, your dentist may also perform an oral cancer screening in Aurora, CO. This procedure is quick, simple, and painless, but can be very beneficial in helping to avoid serious health problems.

The Importance of an Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer can be just as dangerous as any other form of cancer found in other areas of the body. Also, like other cancers, it is more easily treated when it is detected in its early stages. An oral cancer screening at Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry alerts your dentist to the potential development of issues in the mouth, allowing him to recommend prompt treatment to preserve your oral health.


An oral cancer screening does not require any special preparation and can be performed as part of your routine exam when you visit our dental office near you in Aurora, CO. It will start with a simple surface examination of your mouth. Your dentist will look for white or red patches and mouth sores in the inside of your mouth. Then, using gloved hands, he or she will check for lumps and other abnormalities in the tissues. If dentures are worn, they will need to be taken out for this procedure. A more thorough screening will involve rinsing the mouth with a special mouth rinse. The liquid will cause any areas of concern to appear darker than healthy areas when your dentist shines a special light on them. If any suspicious areas are found, your dentist may recommend a follow-up visit or a biopsy.

Who Needs an Oral Cancer Screening?

Not all patients may need an oral cancer screening, though anyone can request it. Patients who are at a higher risk for developing oral cancer include those who use tobacco of any kind or drink, patients who have a history of significant sun exposure, and those who have received a previous oral cancer diagnosis. You can speak with your dentist at Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry about whether the procedure would be beneficial to your health.

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