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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canals in Aurora, CO

Simply stated, root canal therapy saves teeth. When a tooth is severely infected or diseased, this is the last resort before extraction. If you don’t seek treatment quickly, the infection can spread and wreak havoc on your other teeth. At Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry, we will do everything we can to preserve your natural smile. So, if root canal treatment is possible, it is always better than removing a tooth. Also, to help keep your mouth healthy, always practice good oral hygiene habits.

Endodontic Treatment Near Me

If you are suffering from an infected, severely decayed, damaged or diseased tooth, you may benefit from a root canal. During this endodontic procedure, the inner pulp is removed from the affected tooth. Then, the hollow space is cleaned, disinfected, and packed with filling material. The entire contents must be removed to ensure that no bacteria remain. If not, the infection can return, causing an abscess to form.

There are several reasons why teeth get infected, such as untreated decay, trauma, and gum disease. But, once the injured pulp is eliminated, the infection and pain will end, and your tooth will remain in place. Contact Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry now if you think you may need a root canal.

What Causes a Pulp Infection?

Tooth decay or a simple cavity can lead to an abscess formation and infection around a tooth. What may start as small can progress quickly when left untreated. Then the problem can become dangerous. The pulp is full of nerves and blood vessels. When diseased, it can cause pain and gum inflammation. Once the infection spreads to the surrounding teeth and soft tissues, it can lead to tooth loss, bone loss, and worse. Your health overall can be affected. So, time is of the essence.

Keep in mind, there is a point when a rotten tooth is impossible to save. If this happens, your dentist in Aurora, CO must remove the tooth in its entirety. But rest assured, at Spruce Canyon Family Dentistry, we will offer a few tooth replacement solutions to preserve your oral health. Please call our Aurora, CO dental office today to learn more or to ask any questions.

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